Powered by Taggun’s automatic receipt validation, Waivpay led a $40 million government initiative which offered discounts to dine in Melbourne city.

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Some of the benefits Waivpay had from working with Taggun:

Some of the benefits Waivpay had from working with Taggun:

Very quick speed to market 
Easy integration 

Direct support

About Waivpay 

Waivpay is the provider of Gifting, Loyalty, Rewards and Digital Payment Solutions, trusted by Australia’s leading shopping centres, brands and retailers.

Waivpay’s Ambitions 

Their client, the City of Melbourne, wanted to motivate Melburnians to dine within the city, contributing directly to the local businesses. They teamed up with Waivpay to build an intelligent redemption campaign where local diners could take a picture of their receipt, upload it to the campaign website and receive a 20% redemption. Taggun powered the receipt transcription.

The Taggun Partnership Delivered 

• Over 350,000 claims under six weeks . 

• 8.4 million dollars in redemption transactions . 

• 40 million + dollars on restaurant dining spend.

 Numbers are officially referenced here.

Taggun is fantastic, they felt like part of our team, we would have no hesitation to recommend them 100%. For us, the point of difference of Taggun vs other OCR companies was their ability to understand the Australian market and the importance of the extraction and accuracy of the ABN numbers.

Michael Bamford

Head of Product

Why Waivpay chose to buy instead of build?

This initiative was relatively new for a campaign of this scale and partnering with Taggun allowed Waivpay to provide the City of Melbourne with a quick turnaround, simple integration, and predictable pricing and quantities to pre-qualify and prepare their clients expectations.

Waivpay’s Journey 🛩

• Waivpay engaged with Taggun in March 2021. 

• They got on a call with Taggun to have the initial discussion about the campaign objectives. 

• Taggun sent Waivpay links to integrate into their campaign software. 

• Waivpay engaged with Taggun to do a few tweaks. 

• The integration took less than one week to build and test into an effective workflow. 

• Waivpay and Taggun reconfirmed projected quantities and pricing. 

• The campaign launched in June 2021. 

• The result was that Waivpay, and their client City of Melbourne, ran a successful campaign.

Custom AI models 🤖

Waivpay’s clients benefitted from Taggun’s prebuilt models to extract: 

• Retailer name 

• Retailer address 

• Receipt date and time 

• Tax and total amounts And a custom model to extract:

• ABN number

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