How a global expense management platform processed travel disbursements with automated receipt processing

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Some of the benefits Waivpay had from working with Taggun:

Some of the benefits MobileXpense had from working with Taggun:

Quick processing time (seconds)
Accurate receipt extraction information

Multiple languages for global businesses

About Mobilexpense

MobileXpense is a global travel and expense management platform that provides a seamless two-pronged experience. The platform efficiently keeps track of employee expenses and customises the approval and reimbursement flow. MobileXpense is primarily used by: 

•Financial controllers and managers 

•Procurement and administration teams

MobileXpense’s Ambitions 

MobileXpense wanted a way to automate uploading receipt information to ensure the best user experience. This way, instead of inputting information manually, the user can take a picture of the receipt, and the OCR technology will extract the information from it, ensuring accurate data capture for both the user and the financial controller (procurement/accounts teams).

In 99% of these cases a receipt is required to prove the expense. Taggun extracts the receipt information with accuracy in a few seconds, which efficiently plugs into our system and connects with all our API’s. Taggun has extensive coverage in terms of languages and countries they support, which was significant because our clients are large companies with staff who travel the globe.

Olivier Durieux

Product Manager, MobileXpense

Why MobileXpense chose to buy instead of build?

"Keeping up with the ever-evolving market demands is time-consuming and cost-intensive - not only to build, but also to maintain and improve. It was more advantageous to work with Taggun because they focus on receipt scanning functionality, giving us the space to focus on solving our customer brief and providing the complete service solution.” 

Olivier Durieux

Product Manager of MobileXpense.

MobileXpense’s Platform 

Journey 🛩

Example: Employee travels from Barcelona to France for work; 

• User logs into the MobileXpense platform with Taggun OCR. 

• User submits a request for travel. 

• The finance controller (usually a manager or procurement officer) will receive the request and approve it. 

• The user will receive notification of the approval for travel. 

• During the trip, the user can upload their receipts for expenses made during the trip. 

• The expense is stored on the platform until the user is ready to submit their request. 

• The controller is given the user report as well as an additional report from MobileXpense to ensure accuracy of information to approve the request.

Accurate pre-built AI Models 🤖

Taggun’s pre-built models extract: 

• Retailer name 

• Retailer location 

• Invoice date and time 

• Tax total amounts and currency

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