How a marketing platform secured new clients with automated receipt validation

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Some of the benefits Waivpay had from working with Taggun:

Some of the benefits Cheetah Digital had from working with Taggun:

Real-time proof of purchase validation
Simple and direct API integration
Custom data extraction

About cheetah digital

Cheetah Digital is a global customer engagement suite that provides a rich marketing platform for more than 3,000 brands in 13 countries. 

Cheetah empowers enterprise marketers to build meaningful and life-long relationships with their customers. 

As Cheetah’s clients began to request marketing capabilities that were more intelligent and automated, Cheetah Digital sought to integrate OCR receipt scanning and reached out to Taggun.

cheetah digital’s Ambitions 

Cheetah wanted to create a consumer-facing “exchange-for-value” solution that could reliably validate and extract information from any retailer’s receipts.


• Custom AI model solutions within 4 weeks. 

• Increased customer engagement by over 30%. 

• Predictable and transparent pricing to stay within budget.

Cheetah Experiences are built around a zeroparty data strategy, enabling non-technical marketers to gather important data and insights, understand their consumers, and power one-one marketing programs. Working with Taggun gave us the ability to accurately collect customer data enabling us to deliver highly personalized experiences.

Terry Mesfut

Director of Strategic Alliances

Why Cheetah Digital chose to buy instead of build?

Brands are continuously evolving and on the hunt for effective and efficient solutions for their challenges. Keeping up with their marketing demands is time-consuming and cost intensive. Cheetah Digital understood that by integrating with Taggun’s simple API they could provide cutting edge AI and continue to focus on building great experiences within their own platform.

Cheetah Digital's 

Journey 🛩

A Client engaged Cheetah to gain insights into the purchasing behaviour of their consumers 

• Cheetah partnered with Taggun to provide a marketing solution that could both validate and extract key information from any retailer’s receipts 

• Receipts uploaded by the consumer to the campaign website were validated and extracted in real-time utilising Taggun’s Receipt scanning API 

• High-quality receipt data and customer information was submitted to Cheetah’s Experiences platform for further analysis

Custom AI Models 🤖

Cheetah’s clients benefitted from Taggun’s pre-built models to extract: 

• Retailer name 

• Retailer address • Invoice date and time 

• Tax and total amounts 

To optimize Cheetah’s experience, Taggun created custom models to extract: 

• Curated retailer names 

• Structured addresses 

• Information about the retailer 

• Quantity, price and description

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